Sky 'Access All Areas'

Mike Beukes


We are so proud to announce the opening of multiple Sky stores across the UK this year. Through these Sky store designs, our teams have combined our shopper and sector insights with Sky’s vision to create the “Access All Areas” concept. This is a consumer focussed window into Sky’s world that demonstrates the benefits of being a Sky customer.

“Sky is extremely proud to have worked alongside The One Off to deliver a suite of Sky shops that bring service, innovation and convenience together under one roof, sharing our amazing benefits with new and existing customers, at a time when keeping people connected has never been more important” - John Magill, Head of Store Design and Merchandising.

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Our teams have lead the interior design of the stores to be adaptable, stay fresh and exciting. This is a departure from Sky’s sales focussed, mid-mall kiosks and shows that, when experience is placed at the heart of the retail experience, it delivers exceptional sales performance.

Working in very close collaboration with Quantum 4 to develop various elements of the fixtures, this is just one of seven Sky stores now open in the UK since October last year (and throughout a pandemic) including; Liverpool, Glasgow, Gateshead, Bristol, Leeds, Sheffield Meadowhall, and now Westfield Stratford.

Here are some of our key store highlights:

  • The Stage – a flexible experiential element allowing shoppers to take centre stage and insert themselves into Sky’s hit content through AR and Motion Capture.
  • Sky Q – staff assisted product demonstration showcase the features of the Sky Q box.
  • Mobile – handsets are integrated in ways previously impossible in mid mall kiosks. Includes a flexible system allowing manufactures’ own brand elements
  • Service – lounge style sets allow product demonstration and transactions to happen in the same space. Convenient for customers and staff, whilst optimising floor space
  • Repairs (iSmash) – a partnership with the market-leading mobile phone after sales care provider ensured both customers and non-customers were looked after
  • Sky VIP – VM brings to life the benefits of being a Sky customer, and the overlooked Sky VIP program, in a visually rich way
  • Ocean Rescue – celebrating Sky’s reduction in their impact on the planet, primarily focused on their move away from single use plastics

We are proud to announce this project has been shortlisted for the Popai awards for 2021 and with 9 new Sky stores now open, we look forward to seeing more on the horizon.

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