Nike Phantom Vortex boot launch

Marchella Allen


The newest Nike boot, Phantom Vortex launched on 19th January. Situated within the Nike football initiative space in the Sports Direct flagship stores, the Phantom Vortex Campaign showcases a bold, colourful and striking display.

Focusing on precision we brought to life the key asset of the storm using principles of the Moire effect. Acrylic pedestals feature bold and colourful stormy graphics that dissipate towards the bottom to create the desired floating effect.

Frame 3-3

The tech table features an illusion that mimics the dispersion of clouds created by Haaland's powerful kick, which is achieved by layering acrylic sheets printed with storm cloud graphics at increasing opacities towards the bottom. A colourful duo-toned pattern inspired by the heel of the boot supports the hero graphics.

Frame 4-3

Frame 2-3


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