It’s Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Megan Hotson



Several Brands have already released their Christmas adverts, or campaigns. It is official – It is time to dust off the Bublé Christmas album and go rummaging for last year’s panic purchase Christmas Jumper.  

This year brands have had to be hyper-sensitive of a consumer demographic entrenched by a cost-of-living crisis, the ongoing impact of Coronavirus, as well as other political and cultural issues straining our social fabric.   

We have decided to look at some of the recently released campaigns from brands vying for the attention of consumers, to uncover the different themes, and messaging used to create a sense of reassurance, and support as well as enjoyment this Christmas.  


TK Maxx is fashion brand known for offering affordable items for their consumers. They have leant into the current anxieties surrounding the cost-of-living crisis in their Christmas advert, which is encapsulated by the slogan: ‘Tis the season to nail all your gifting for less’.  

Knowing how expensive Christmas can be, the brand has used their heroine ‘Sam’ who they coin as the ‘Gifting Hero’ to show how their products can be bought and given as a less expensive alternative this season.  

TK Maxx are reinforcing their belief in offering consumers great value in a fun and playful way. During the advert, Sam is also congratulated for being more conscious and value-driven, “given the odds” in the context of such a difficult time for everybody. The brand is emphasising the need to make small saves where and when we can and rewarding this more conscious behaviour in a collective way too.  

Their hashtag accompanying the advert, which is one trending across social media: #Christmasnailedforless is a very fitting, and pro-active message for consumers this Christmas.

 4/5 Christmas Pudding Rating  


‘Have your Elf a Merry Christmas’ is the strapline for this supermarket’s Christmas campaign. ASDA’s tactic in creating an advert full of fun, spirit and cheer is to bring people a form of escapism by releasing a more light-hearted advert.  

In this advert, Buddy joins ASDA as their newest employee on a trial shift. During the short clip, Buddy spreads and shares his Christmas cheer with his fellow employees. Making the mundane more joyful is the ambition here, reminding people that Christmas should be a happy time spent together having fun.  

Whilst promoting spirit, this ad also promotes the latest festive treats the brand will be selling this season. The campaign was built using original footage from the 2003 film ‘Elf’, adding an element of nostalgia and familiarity to their Christmas message. 

5/5 Christmas Pudding Rating  


M&S’ Christmas food advert stars Dawn French who plays the Christmas fairy. French is also joined by her familiar co-star, Jenifer Saunders who plays duckie: a very loved dog chew toy.  

The short film follows French the fairy as she works her Christmas magic to help Duckie feel more festive, and to fly away from the family dog.  

Flying over the festive spread of food laid out in the house, the pair explore M&S’ newly launched Christmas range. The central theme portrayed here is friendship, summed up by the words of French at the start of the ad: “It’s Christmas and I need to find me a little friend”.  

The friendship the fairy and ‘Duckie’ form is all about offering support and help to create joy and explore the excitement of Christmas (found in M&S food!) The dog in this advert, who ‘Duckie’ tries to escape, could also be seen as a metaphor for escaping the daily demons that might hold us back from enjoying Christmas altogether.  

4/5 Christmas Pudding Rating  


From Paddington to Pudsey bear, we all know the nation loves a teddy. Lidl have decided to capture their consumers hearts by telling ‘The Story of the Lidl Bear’.  

During the advert, we watch the bear transform from its humble beginnings to far-reaching fame. The voice over shares the message: ‘fame can get in the way of what really matters’ – reinforcing the importance of staying true to yourselves, and those who matter most to you.  

It is also a stark reminder that not everyone has people to be with or receive gifts from this festive season. The campaign appeals to people’s goodwill, asking families to donate any gifts they can to Lidl’s charitable toy bank initiative. 

A very emotive campaign, designed to show consumers that Christmas is about giving, and spending quality time with one another. This concept of quality also speaks to a core value of Lidl’s which is about selling low priced products that are high quality, marrying nicely with the emotional sentiment of the advert.   

4/5 Christmas Pudding Rating  

What makes a great Christmas Ad in 2022?  

Considering some of these great, well-spirited brand adverts we have compiled a tick-list of elements we think makes for a successful Christmas advert for this coming festive season.  

Stockings full of Christmas Cheer ✔️  

A Community-driven message ✔️

 A Loveable character, or hero ✔️

An awareness or sensitivity to the existing social or economic climate ✔️

A catchy strap-line, or jingle ✔️

We are still awaiting the highly anticipated advert from Christmas aficionado’s: John Lewis, and are excited to see what themes, or messaging this brand decides to cover to spread the spirit of Christmas and connect with their consumers.   

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