How to create a brand identity that is fit for the future of the auto care industry

Charlotte Hurd


As the amount of electronic and digital technology integrated in vehicles keeps increasing, car brands are collaborating with tech companies to fast-track their model releases and gain a competitive advantage. 

This change has also forced the hand of auto care businesses, who are having to break away from old school stereotypes and cater their service offering to new customer needs.  

Fast fit autocare brand, Protyre came to us with a huge question: Is our brand fit for future?  

With the aforementioned industry change, huge ambitions for future growth, and a business model centred around new customer acquisitions, Protyre needed help to understand this current brand perception and futureproof their identity.  

Gaining clarity on the world of autocare  

Firstly, it was key to understand the sector overall. How does it look? What innovation is happening in this space? Where are the gaps in the market? 

Sector analysis and a competitor audit allowed us to quickly see that there is huge stagnation in this sector. Many brands look the same, offer the same, and have the same reputation with customers. 

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We identified a real opportunity for change - one which wasn't made up of primary colours and stereotypical images.  

Understanding the nuances of the Protyre brand  

As part of our process, it was key to understand Protyre’s business - from both its employees and its customers.  

Our research process looked at uncovering brand values and DNA through a series of stakeholder interviews and staff surveys. These interviews were integral to understanding the limitations and opportunities we faced when re-branding. 

We also conducted a quantitative satisfaction survey with 7,500 Protyre customers to understand more about how they viewed the brand, it's external values and its current service proposition. 


The research undertaken at this stage proved the validity of the Protyre values and showed the strength in the promises Protyre were making to their customers. We understood, for example, the need to maintain the brands DNA moving forwards. 

Understanding the Protyre customer  

We know, particularly in the automotive sector that huge change is underway therefore it was crucial to ensure we understood current customer attitudes and key trends shaping this industry. 

Firstly, we undertook a round of secondary research to delve into the what, why, and how’s of the automotive sector to really understand how this brand should be shaped for the future. 

These key takeaways were consistent across the project as we developed a brand which would reflect customer attitude and opinion and help Protyre to extend their reach and brand awareness. 

Secondly, we conducted a number of qualitative focus groups with a wide range of both Protyre customers and non-customers uncovering their thoughts on brand identity, customer service and expectations for future. 

The extensive research methodologies undertaken in this project helped us to define and create a brand identity which was not only right for the future of the industry but also one which was right for the brand and its nuances.  

The Protyre brand is now aligned under one consistent identity, reassuring customers of its credibility whilst also maintaining the values and DNA which are so crucial to the brand and its staff.  

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For more information about the re-brand keep your eyes peeled across The One Off social channels. We will be sharing full details of the project and the final result in the coming months.  




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