Rebranding and launching an energy tech company that’s daring for a greener tomorrow

Mike Beukes


We recently completed the rebranding and transformation of the Vercer brand into Dare. This collaborative process involved creating a new corporate ID, a website and a brand film.

Whereas Vercer was a commodities trading firm specialising in global energy markets with a focus on derivatives, Dare is a significant repositioning of the company into a leader in the energy tech space. Having developed its own proprietary Energy Trading Risk Management system and benefiting from being agile in its processes, Dare is able to facilitate change faster than older, legacy companies.


Dare’s mission is bold and it’s a company full of bright young minds that have a shared vision for a greener future. The challenge for us was to capture their dynamic spirit and ‘can-do’ attitude, while at the same time outlining their ambition, expertise and commitment to support the energy transition within the new brand. Mike Beukes, Executive Creative Director


Another aspect of the Dare brand is that it has to appeal to the best young minds in the business to help shake up the energy market. It was therefore important to put as much of the brand’s personality into its corporate identity as possible, so that people can easily understand Dare’s vision and value proposition. The result is an energetic look and feel that conveys Dare’s vibrant vision and refreshing philosophy.

As a company we can facilitate and drive investment into clean energy markets, so it was important for us to convey this while highlighting our strong trading performance and market knowledge. The One Off has helped us to get a complex message across in a compelling and exciting way.
Ayman Rahman, CEO and founder of Dare.



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