Unexpected Fashion Collaborations

Lauren Little


Why are they so successful?

As consumers, we often look for brands that resonate with our personal values and interests, and when these brands collaborate, it creates room for exciting possibilities and enriching experiences.

Brands that collaborate across different industries allow their customers to discover new interests and passions through drawing attention to brands that wouldn’t typically intersect with their usual consumers base.

Over the past year, we have seen the remarkable fusion of popular brands across a variety of sectors, collaborating to craft extraordinary and unexpected experiences for both their loyal consumers and avid fans alike.

Burberry X Minecraft

Burberry collaborating with Minecraft was one of the most unexpected collaborations of 2022 by merging the world of high fashion and virtual creativity to create a unique and immersive experience.

The result of the collaboration lead to players being treated to an exclusive Burberry-themed virtual world, where they could explore iconic Burberry landmarks such as their flagship, design their own stylish virtual outfits, and embark on imaginative fashion adventures. 

Burberry incorporated Minecraft-inspired elements into their real-world designs, bringing virtual fashion to life. The collection seamlessly merged digital aesthetics with the brand's signature style, captivating both gaming enthusiasts and fashion aficionados alike.


This collaboration was successful in creating engaging experiences and providing cross-generational appeal by giving Burberry a platform to reach Minecraft’s broad demographic ranging from children to adults. 

Loewe X Studio Ghibli

Another collaboration that was surprisingly successful was between Loewe, the Spanish luxury fashion brand known for its high-quality leather goods and iconic designs, and Studio Ghibli, the renowned Japanese animation studio known for its imaginative and heart-warming films.

Both brands have distinct and recognizable brand identities and the creative synergy of the two brands resulted in a truly unique and imaginative collection. The collection featured handbags, t-shirts, and other items adorned with characters from Studio Ghibli films, reimagined in Loewe’s signature leather and textile designs. 


The collaboration was a limited-edition release, creating a sense of exclusivity and rarity that appeals to collectors and fans of both brands. Creating a sense of urgency and excitement around the collection, with many items selling out quickly.

Captivating audiences and media outlets worldwide and generating widespread attention, the Loewe collaboration skilfully captures the essence of Studio Ghibli's nostalgia and escapism. 

This immersive partnership transports admirers to a realm where cherished memories intertwine with whimsical journeys, extending Loewe's brand exposure to a diverse range of consumers and further amplifying its global presence.

Palace X Adidas X Chris Yates

Palace and Adidas have collaborated several times in the past and have produced some very successful collections - however their recent Nature collection welcomed a more surprised reaction from fans, given its clear departure from their usual streetwear aesthetic. This collaboration included Chris Yates, a renowned British angler and nature enthusiast.

The collaboration was introduced with a short film showcasing Chris’s love of nature and the environment, as well as his passion for fishing. This authentic storytelling resonated with audiences and created a sense of connection and emotional engagement. 


The Adidas Nature collection focused on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and production methods. This aligns with Palace’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, making the collaboration a natural fit. The emphasis on sustainability also appealed to consumers who are increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchases on the environment.

The collaboration resulted in a unique and eye-catching collection that blended Palace’s streetwear aesthetic with Adidas’ sportswear heritage. Typically, with Palace releases and collaborations, the collection was limited stock and sold out very quickly due to the reputation of the two brands.

Key Takeaways

-Cross-disciplinary partnerships can provide brands with access to new markets or niche sectors that they may not have been able to reach on their own. By partnering with a brand that has an established presence in a specific market, a brand can leverage that partner's expertise and customer base to enter and thrive in that market.

-Successful collaborations capture the essence of both brands involved, merging their unique identities to create something truly unique and imaginative that captures widespread attention.

-The future of unexpected fashion collaborations will likely be characterised by a convergence of diverse elements, embracing technology, sustainability and inclusivity. As the fashion industry continues to evolve, collaborations will play a crucial role in shaping the future of fashion by pushing boundaries and offering consumers innovative, immersive, and thought-provoking experiences.

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