Should Brands BeReal?

Megan Hotson


TikTok was the social media platform which everyone became obsessed with during the pandemic. Since its advent, multiple brands have used the platform to engage with the scroll-native, younger consumer that is trend-focused.

Though TikTok is still a popular and highly engaged with digital world – we are now experiencing a new desire and demand to see real, and spontaneous content. People’s feeds are becoming less curated and more candid.

It is no surprise then, that the latest social app ‘BeReal’ that is premised off users capturing one ‘real’ photo a day of whatever/ wherever they are, has taken off. The platform recorded over more than 10 million daily active users at the start of September - up from 2 million in January 2022.

The new platform notifies users globally to take their picture at the same time. (When you receive the notification in the app – you only have two minutes to capture your daily picture both with the front, and rear camera.)

This means there’s no time for consideration when it comes to what you post. Each day the time you get notified changes, further enhancing the sporadic nature of the app.

Our question is, should brands BeReal? If the problem is the excess of edited, over-filtered content, algorithms, and advertising… is there scope for brands to harness this craze to become less calculated and more authentic.





Chipotle are a brand that has recognised the power of this new platform that is seemingly winning over Millennials and Gen Z. After joining the app in April – the brand is spearheading a new form of real, unsolicited advertising.

Sharing exclusive coupons, news, or new releases- Chipotle is tapping into a culture of FOMO amongst their consumers who are now rushing to follow the brand on Bereal to avoid missing one-off offers, and announcements.

Key is that this app forbids formal advertisement. These ad restrictions create a unique obstacle for marketers, but one that creates a more spontaneous, intimate channel of marketing.

This has proven a clever strategy for Chipotle as they have been able to foster excitement and new levels of engagement with their audience without the extra planning that comes with scheduling content. This is precisely because you can’t predict when exactly the platform will send its users the daily notifications.

This is one of few brands pivoting their engagement strategies, capitalising on the growth of snackable social, ending the infinite scroll cycle.


Love Island 


Screenshot 2022-10-18 at 18.01.50

Though Love Island does not have an official account on Bereal – the creatives behind the ITV hit show are using templates inspired by this new social media to create content across other platforms.

Other brands have done the same, recognising this growing trend in popular culture for participation in this new, and transparent social media community.

The post shown above proved popular with Love Island’s twitter followers accruing over 16k likes, and 619 retweets.

Despite not being posted in real-time, Love Island is using the app to inspire posts which align with the content generated by BeReal – using images that are un-posed, or BTS. This strategy seems to be paying off for Love Island and brands alike who are observing impressive levels of engagement.

TOO Takeaways:

- Cutting through filters, and calculated posting – BeReal offers its users a chance to ‘BeReal’ each day with one post. Consider how your content could be less filtered, and more candid, leaning into Bereal’s ethos of transparency…

- People enjoy social media platforms that facilitate collectivism. For example, Snapchat launched a “new dual” camera option, similar to BeReal, and Netflix created a co-watching option across different films last year. How could your brand lean into this trend and create a brand moment which celebrates collaboration, or co-creation?

- Consumers hate missing out; exclusive content or offers are something people want and watch out for, especially from their favourite brands. Utilising BeReal is a great way for brands to strengthen their brand community by encouraging people to follow and respond to highly anticipated and exclusive offers…

- Behind the scenes content allows consumers to see into your internal culture. This is not just great in terms of communicating the core values your brand is built around, but also is great for getting people to invest emotionally in your brand – not just transactionally.



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