Purposeful Networking

Megan Hotson


Over time social media has catered to a consumer’s desire to mingle on mass. New social media and networks have meant people could find connections online on the opposite side of the world if they wanted to. 

However, people’s priorities are shifting. Online users are embracing more meaningful connections in smaller, more purposeful digital spaces. 

Long term, this shift will see social media evolve to become increasingly fragmented. We can expect to see a growth of niche or micro communities that foster trust and intimacy – uniting people through commonalities, and passions.

Say goodbye to social networking on mass, and hello to a more purposeful approach to communicating and place-making online. 


Spot is an app which helps like-minded professionals connect with one another virtually in a more purposeful way. 

Anyone who signs up to the app is thoroughly reviewed to ensure all profiles are verified, creating a safe space for people to connect. 

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 15.50.27
Spot encourages users to explore by interest, career goals and location to create a more relevant and intimate social experience. Members of the app can also subscribe to exclusive events, to meet fellow users in real life to create a physical connection. 

Having to pay for a subscription to the app also means users are loyal to the communities they join through the app. Gone are the days of ghosting, thanks to a more purposeful approach through ‘Spot’. 

Building relationships in this way online is appealing to today’s consumer seeking micro-communities formed around common interests. Not only does it make social networking purposeful, but means connections made have deeper meaning. 


Rekindling the nation’s love for cooking which grew during lockdown, alongside a continued desire for convenience both inside and outside the home – app Delli allows users to explore and support independent producers in a shared social network. 

Not only can user’s network with people in their local community to enthuse in a shared passion for food, but they can also turn their love or hobby for food into a side hustle. 

Screenshot 2023-03-15 at 09.57.52
Harnessing a similar approach to Depop, the app allows users to list products on their profiles for others to interact with or buy. 

It is easy to lose sight of the independent makers, or producers on apps with the ‘TikTokification’ of online content which shifts content discovery away from an individual's chosen network towards something that's more algorithm-driven.

Delli wants to move away from mainstream food content and networking culture which lacks meaning and rarely facilitates connection between fellow foodies and independent makers. 

This app instead aims to create a more purposeful approach, and a dedicated space for foodies to connect and support one another through buying and selling goods in their own communities. 

Key Takeaways 

-    Shift your attention away from the mainstream towards the fringe and the collective. Empower and cater to the micro-communities popping up now online to build meaningful, and lasting connections.

-    Financially investing in a social community encourages users to be loyal to them long-term. Loyalty will also help users engage more seriously to the connections they create, contributing to a more meaningful space and purposeful approach to networking.   

-    The growth of micro-communities is creating a shift towards consumerism in a community model. This is opening up opportunities for like-minded people with hobbies they want to monetise to buy and sell in a more purposeful and personal way. 

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