EuroShop: Trends in Action

Megan Hotson


This year’s retail fair in Düsseldorf featured several brands that stood out when it came to showing an awareness of the key trends shaping the retail landscape. 

From technology, to sustainability, and convenience – we spotlight the brands and their creative relevance at EuroShop and the retail industry at large. 

Euroshop demonstrated the direction of the next generation of retail and provided an opportunity for retailers to meet like-minded brands to share and inspire new solutions shaping a better world for customers. 


One of the most prominent trends at EuroShop 2023 was the increasing use of technology in retail. Conversations around technology focused primarily on robot automation, AI and AR solutions.

With 85 million jobs set to be displaced by automation by 2025 globally (World Economic Forum, 2020), the robot revolution is taking the world by storm. We saw evidence of the importance and benefits of automated solutions at this year’s fair. 

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For example, brand ‘Robot Shelfie Pro’, dubbed ‘the personalised robot for retail’ allows brands to guide their customers through store as well as educate them as to the latest promotions or product information. 

Amongst its other functions, the robot also allows brands to cut labour costs for example by offloading repetitive tasks and helping personalise the overall customer journey. 

AI also continues to be a significant trend in the retail industry. A study by EHI Retail institute demonstrated that this year, 69% of commercial operators indicated they now use AI tools to support their operations. And this figure will only grow as we look toward a tech-dominant future. 

Sensormatics is a brand using AI to provide operational insights to their clients by offering visibility into shopper experiences. Something brands want and need is data to collect insights on their target audiences to innovate, and provide better, more personalised retail experiences. 

The use of AI in this way is a common, and growing use as brands endeavour to know and understand the ever-changing habits of shoppers. 


Another trend on display at EuroShop 2023 was the growing focus on sustainability in retail.

The Messe Dusseldorf had a dedicated stand, “THINK SUSTAINABLY – ACT RESPONSIBLY” and was just one element of EuroShop 2023’s “Hot Topic Sustainability” initiative, which emphasised how brands can mitigate their environmental impact through considered adjustments.

Across the board, the use of green, or eco-centric messaging from brands was hard to ignore. In the past, businesses at EuroShop have been scrutinised for a lack of authenticity when it comes to sustainability. 

Yet, this year it felt like brands had levelled up and left green washing and window dressing at EuroShop 2020. 

Representative of Resourcify, Steve Jordan discussed digitisation and the circular economy on the start-up stage, highlighting that 75% of waste comes from companies (not consumers), and the role brands have - to step up and reverse this. 


Emphasising that “we cannot recycle our way out of this one”, Jordan valorises the importance of a circular economy and demonstrates the benefits of Resourcify as a scalable solution for a centralised waste management and recycling – helping unlock the full potential of recycling.

Resourcify aims to provide end-to-end control and transparency of a brands waste management, also offering a digital toolset and access to their connected network of independent recyclers.

The focus on end of life and waste was one of many conversations taking place around sustainability at this year’s EuroShop, and we feel encouraged by the progress and transparency shown across the board by brands and retailers. 


Customers crave convenience because it saves them time and effort, provides more choice and flexibility, and ultimately improves their overall shopping experience. 

As such, brands that prioritise convenience are more likely to attract and retain customers in today's competitive marketplace.

One of the most talked-about brands at this year’s fair was Amazon. A step on from their ‘Go’ stores – premised off convenience, this year the brand presented its drone delivery technology, which is currently being tested in select locations. 

Amazon is attuned to the recently accentuated importance of delivery in ensuring a satisfying shopping experience, creating a process that cuts costs and time for both the supplier, and customer. 

Another brand doubling down on convenience was Alibaba who showcased their "New Retail" concept. This concept involves integrating online and offline shopping experiences, using technologies such as facial recognition and mobile payment systems. 

Alibaba also showcased its "Hema" stores, which combine traditional grocery shopping with restaurant dining and online ordering.

These innovations seen at EuropShop will shape more convenient future lifestyles and give more power to consumers who expect to have full control over their purchase decisions.

In a society where time is fleeting and excessive choice acts to overwhelm consumers, it takes more than price to establish a competitive offering. It’s vital that brands look at how you can make shopping as convenient as possible for shoppers. 

Overall, Euroshop 2023 was a showcase of the latest and greatest in retail technology, sustainability, and convenience. 

Brands that can incorporate these trends into their business models are ahead of the curve in future-proofing their strategy and will be able to maintain a competitive offering in a fast-innovating space. 

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