Break up with Fast Fashion, now...

Megan Hotson


Although cheaper, and more convenient to buy – fast fashion has a detrimental effect on both people and the planet.

A recent survey from Global data revealed that 1 in 3 Gen Z consumers feel addicted to fast fashion. In response to this staggering statistic ThredUP have created a hotline designed to help people kick their bad habits.


The Fast Fashion confessional hotline has been created with Stranger Thing’s actress Priah Ferguson. When users call the hotline, they will reach Priah who will be there to offer them a powerful pep-talk on breaking up with fast fashion.

Depop is bringing thrifting to the realm of gaming in partnership with Sims – enabling players to select their own clothing and merchandise it to earn their own virtual currency.

Here’s the twist – this clothing that will be available for users to shop and wear will all be thrifted.

Users will be able to re-sell their clothes in the game through a Sims app dubbed ‘Trendi’, replicating the same experience physical users have through Depop.


What Depop is actioning seems paradoxical given the fast-paced, constantly evolving nature of gaming in contrast to the slow, and more considered ethos that defines their brand. This is precisely why Depop are entering this virtual world – to appeal, and remain relevant to the increasingly digital world we live, work, and operate in.

TOO Takeaways:

-Depop are cleverly targeting teens – the most frequent users of their game with their new partnership. By selling second-hand in the virtual world, Depop hope they can encourage these users to shop second hand in the real world too.

-Consumers need not only encouraging, but solutions to fast-fashion to facilitate more planet-friendly consumption. The burden here lies with brands, and a top-down approach is necessary to allow consumers to make more positive choices when it comes to clothes shopping.

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