Against Anti-ageing!

Charlotte Hurd


The older consumer wields a huge amount of influence when it comes to purchase power and yet, approximately two-thirds of that very market agree that adults age 55+ are still represented in unfair ways in advertising and marketing. (Forbes, 2022)

Influencers like Suzi Grant, @alternativeageing are vocalising the need for change, calling out for brands to change the agenda.

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Trinny Woodall, Founder and CEO of Trinny London agrees stating:

‘We live in a time where we are more educated about inclusivity, and we must make sure this also extends to ageism because if you don't see yourself portrayed in ads or considered in articles you are made to feel invisible’


The recent news from Dentsu UK is welcomed then, the agency has recently announced that they will be the first UK advertising network to partner with 55/Refined to tackle ageism and improve the representation of over 50-year-olds in the advertising industry. 

Whilst in January 2021, Forbes joined forces with NBC News’ empowerment vertical ‘Know Your Value’ to spotlight women who have achieved notable success at mid-life and beyond.

Brands are also taking note. Designed to support women as they deal with menopause, Primark have recently developed a range of nightwear and underwear which uses cooling yarns to relieve hot flashes.

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Similar items are sold by specialist brands, but at a cost many consumers can’t afford. Menopause has long been a taboo – either ignored or ridiculed however the stigma is lifting and Primark’s foray into this market not only provides an accessible solution but also kick-starts the conversation around products for this particular age category.

The Body Shop are another brand who are helping to facilitate this conversation. They have recently announced that they will be re-naming the popular ‘Drops of Youth serum’ to take a stance against ageism.

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'Drops of Youth' has been reformulated to contain more of its star ingredient, which now also lends its name to the product line: Edelweiss. In the brand's own words, "We're ripping up beauty industry norms and shifting the dial from youth to strength."

TOO Takeaways

  • As consumers demand more realistic representation brands need to ensure that they are catering to and for the needs of a wider market. Think about how you could cater to this older audience by working with more diverse influencers, considering tone of voice and creating campaigns which are inclusive of a wide variety of people.


  • When creating products and experiences consider the needs of this audience and how we can better cater to them.


  • Consider how your organisation is supporting people’s needs – especially those in this underserved category. Involve your entire target audience


  • A huge number of industries rely on the young and ‘beautiful’ to market their products; it is time to embrace new rules which champion inclusivity, wellness, strength and resilience!

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