WAE Elysia – Brand launch B2B

Powering Elysia's Launch into the Future of Battery Intelligence

Automotive engineering giants, Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE), selected us as their launch partner for Elysia, a next generation battery intelligence company. Our task was to create and manage Elysia's digital and marketing infrastructure for market growth in a complex, high-value industry. Using the newly created brand, our task involved a premium brand launch, building prospect awareness, and long-term lead nurturing.

Following in-depth industry research, we developed an integrated launch framework and development plan, centering around a website, creative suite, content production, and the planning and management of the campaign and communications for market launch.

Embracing the premium aesthetic of the automotive market, our content strategy was crafted to captivate audiences at both the brand and product levels. Our aim was to demonstrate Elysia’s industry-leading credentials in an easily understandable manner while simultaneously forging long-term connections for future business growth.

  • Integrated content & touchpoint planning
  • Messaging hierarchy for comms
  • Launch/regeneration strategy
  • Channel planning & activation
  • Social media management
  • B2B paid social

We received over 2,000 LinkedIn followers in 3 months.