Hape – European Media Strategy, Planning and Execution

Transforming Toy Retail: Direct to Consumer Revenue Growth

World-leading toy manufacturers, Hape, enlisted us to support in their transformation from a wholesale trade business to a direct-to-consumer model. In a market focused on gift-giving, Hape entrusted us with the mission of reaching, engaging, and converting customers through the Hape store in five European markets.

We designed an end-to-end digital brand presence, establishing a robust analytics framework, digital platform onboarding and media performance activation. Our approach enabled Hape to launch brand and sales focused campaigns, direct to consumer, for the first time. This included the creation of a messaging matrix, dynamic targeting, tracking shopper behaviours, and the development of a proprietary gift-finder website tool. We strategically leveraged these assets through digital advertising, social commerce, and Google search & shopping.

  • Digital-first experience design
  • Full journey analytics infrastructure
  • Central-local content creation, adaptation, management
  • Media campaign planning
  • Media campaign buying x5 EU markets
  • Social commerce
  • Search optimisation

10 x return on ad spend at peak demand time.