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Unboxing delight for staff

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The problem

We were asked by The Box Crew London to work on a project for Nike to create a box containing content to support and engage store staff during a training event. From ideation to delivery, we took on this task with an innovative approach.

The solution

Combining Nike and Sports Direct influences, we designed a box and sleeve with a Nike x Sports Direct logo. Contents were chosen for reuse value, including personalized bingo, Top Kicks Top Trumps cards, store facts, an Oxford Street floorplan, and a welcoming message from Nike and The Box Crew. All of this, tied together with a shoelace for that final branded touch.

The result

These types of training events aim to nurture and support the Sports Direct store team, engaging with them at product level and encouraging them to learn and grow. Because of this, we ensured that this key messaging was a consistent thread through all elements of the box.