Issue #100

Megan Hotson


This issue of TooXToo is a very special one…this week, we turn 100!

To celebrate our 100th issue we turned to our team of designers, strategists, client managers and producers and asked them to share their favourite brand campaign, pop-up, or perhaps a collaboration.

We wanted to use this opportunity to share examples that have stuck with our team over their time in the industry – amazing examples of brands creating unforgettable and innovative things which have in turn left a lasting impression.

The result? An impactful collection of brand moments,

Go on – have a read…

Scott & Melissa Shoes immersive pop-up, Covent Garden

Using design to powerfully immerse consumers transforms a transaction into a holistic experience, that entertains and engages the customer. Immersive pop-ups are something we see time, and time again when brands want to launch a product line, or collection – or raise awareness for a particular campaign.

Jeremy Scott and Melissa shoes threw a giant pop art “pool party” in Covent Garden back in 2016, that made you feel as though you were a child again. From giant teddy balloons to an adult-sized ball pit, the exhibition was a celebration full of fun and nostalgia. It clearly captured the playfulness of the latest capsule collection for the brand, which comprised six new designs, including the Melissa Inflatable Mule.

The only downside was that I ended up losing my change at the bottom of the ‘swimming pool’…

Simon Gittus, Senior 3D Director

The Mercedes Chicken Ad

This clever bit of advertising still sticks with me nearly 10 years later. Mercedes found such a clever way to demonstrate their technology whilst making people smile; the ad titled “chicken” featured real chickens dancing to the beat of Diana Ross’ “upside down”. The ad finished with the line “Stability at all times, Magic Body Control…” tying the chicken’s dance to their new car feature – a windshield-mounted camera that analyses the road, adjusting the suspension accordingly to ensure a smoother, more stable ride.

Whenever I hear the song it’s still all I can think of, even now- the power of advertising, I suppose….

Emma Pearce, Artwork Director

Vans, Oxford Street

Every day I am inspired by the innovative ways that brands communicate with their consumers to drive engagement and invest in their local communities.

Vans are a great example of a brand bursting with innovation, and creativity. On Oxford Street, they have a resident artist who will customise anything you take in- provided it’s branded Vans. They are tapping into the desire from consumers for bespoke retail offerings, and as a result have been successful in attracting footfall.

They are also running custom lab workshops with illustrators and artists through February, and March – including a cartoon workshop with Sam Taylor on the 19th March.

I think it’s pretty damn cool- kudos to you, Vans for creating a pretty great brand experience.

Dave Ford, Design Director

BBC OOH, Dracula & PlayStation’s Oxford Circus takeover

Living in London means walking past countless billboards, or posters promoting films, theatre shows, or TV series. With this in mind, when I thought about examples from brands that have stuck with me, I thought of the BBC’s immersive Dracula billboard that was erected in 2020.

It was simple, clever and a little bit scary; marking the arrival of Dracula to our screens, the creative team at BBC crafted posters that did not depict the count himself, but through a clever play of shadows and stakes, showed him projected across the surface as a haunting ghost. What really added another dimension to the billboard, was the ‘break in case of vampires’ box beneath – containing a pointed wooden stake, ready to stab the count with… I think this resonated with me because of the theatrical attention to detail the BBC managed to achieve.

Another brand moment that sticks out for me is Playstation’s take-over of Oxford circus for the launch of PS5. Our wonderful client PlayStation transformed TFL’s tube signs to replicate the iconic PlayStation symbols. Though only there for 48 hours, the takeover was perfect in summing up the playfulness that gamers love from the brand.

Lucy Beck, Client Services Account Director

Google Pixel’s ‘Picture perfect life’, and Ikea’s ‘Every home should be a haven’

Naming only a couple of examples of brands that have created moments with a lasting impression, is a hard task. But, for me Google and Ikea seem to be experts in generating campaigns, and ads that resonate and engage with a broad demographic.

Google’s ad ‘The Picture-Perfect life’ invites viewers to probe their assumptions surrounding depression, and who it might affect. The simple message they want to convey is that sometimes there is more behind an image than the eye can see.

As well as google, Ikea’s ad for me is a great one and is consistent with their brand core values. The ‘Every brand should be a haven’ campaign emphasises that everyone deserves a home where they feel safe, and happy where nothing gets in the way. Ikea want to be the force that stops the invasion of things in the home, from work or stress and strain stating that “every home should be a haven”.

Who doesn’t love a purpose-driven bit of TV advertising that leaves you smiling?

Clare Tuckett, Client Services Account Manager

Adidas’ endeavour to represent women as statues & Heineken’s departure roulette

When it comes to what brands have done to create a lasting impact, those campaigns or actions that resonate for me are the ones that are purpose-driven.

Adidas responded to the staggering statistic that only 4% of all statues in London are of women. To launch their sports bras, as well as to combat the lack of female statues in London, they installed colourful statues of women standing tall on podiums; celebrating diversity, and change – Adidas is a brand synonymous with breaking boundaries and this recent campaign is definitely one worth checking out.

Another brand that sticks in my mind, responsible for a more light-hearted campaign is Heineken. The beverage experts created what they called the ‘Heineken departure roulette’- the idea behind it was that at JFK airport, travellers could (bravely) press a button on an old-style flight clocker board to ditch their existing travel plans for whatever came up instead.

It would be interesting to observe the level of engagement Heineken’s roulette board would have today given the growing desire for consumers to travel post-pandemic.

However – I can’t say I would be up for gambling my holiday plans anytime soon…

Meg Hotson, Research & Insights Executive

Nike Lab’s Pop-up, Chicago & Selfridges x Google Pop up

There have been some really inspiring pop-ups from brands that have curated a unique consumer experience. One of which being Virgil Abloh’s Nikelab pop up in Chicago; this space acted as somewhere architects, and designers could host workshops with the local community.

Simple – yet beautifully done, it was billed as a “power plant of a different kind” and offered a sustainable venue for youth mentoring as well as access to exclusive Nike products.

Selfridges x Google’s collaborative, and sensory exhibition is another brand space that has stuck with me. In the basement of Selfridges you could enter an immersive exhibition titled ‘The Flip side’, with custom sensory cocktails and selfie moments galore. The mirrored flooring and walkway through the dark environment especially did it for me.

…Some impressive examples of brands implementing their creativity in a physical space – the power of design is endless.

Rachel Gilbert, Senior 3D designer 

The North Face x Gucci Pit Stop

It is hard to narrow down the list of brands I have noted over time for creating powerful campaigns, ads or environments that have had a lasting impact.

One of my favourites has to be when Gucci and North face collaborated to bring us their striking capsule collection that celebrated their shared spirit of exploration. To celebrate the capsule and partnership they created a unique geodesic dome as the dedicated Pit Stop at Desert X 2021.

The pop-up was a bold statement, with the amazingly eye-catching building wraps boldly contrasting with the calm desert, clouds, and cacti it sat amongst. The materials used to build the installation also related to the landscapes, exploration, and travel that characterised the brand’s capsule collection.

If only we could have taken a team reccy to see it in real life!

Sally Draycott, Client Services Director

Camp Hox 

The huge changes and challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic meant that many brands had to quickly change up their strategy to stay relevant for their customers.

For me, hotel and hospitality brand The Hoxton did an amazing job at switching things up at a time when hotels faced forced closures.

They recognised an opportunity to create their brand in a new space, for a changing customer mindset.

Their ‘Camp Hox’ experience featured 12 tepee tents fully equipped with thoughtful Hoxton touches from gorgeous comfy beds to free to use rental bikes.

The limited experience sold out quickly with those looking to enjoy a little Hoxton hospitality at a time of global lockdowns and their social campaign utilised the trend for nostalgia – using polaroids and vintage colourways.

We were lucky to go and experience ‘Camp Hox’ first-hand & here I am trying to work the BBQ – if only a private chef was included…burnt burger anyone?

Charlotte Hurd, Senior Research & Insights Manager

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