Issue #070

Charlotte Hurd


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring an app for those with ‘long Covid’, BrickIt powering up creativity, a call to give up our lockdown sweatpants and making second-hand furniture simple 

Looking out for those with ‘long Covid’ 

It is now reported that one in 10 coronavirus patients in Europe are disclosing “long Covid” symptoms (WHO, 2021).  

So, with large numbers of our society struggling with their health what are brands doing to help?  

New smartphone app R Plus Health works by providing a platform for recently discharged Covid patients to track and monitor their recovery process.  

The app guides users through at-home physical training routines, such as breathing exercises and fitness classes. It also connects to medical professionals who are able to track blood oxygen levels and heart rate during exercises.  

Using this data, the app then creates a bespoke plan for the patient – “like pairing a patient with a personal trainer or physiotherapist”, says Ren Songqing, chief operating officer of R Plus Health. 

Powering up on consumer creativity  

New Russian app, Brickit offers endless opportunities for those with Lego collections.   

By opening the Brickit app and scanning a pile of Lego bricks, the tech is able to present options of new builds for which users have all the necessary tools. 

The app also notes builds for which users are only missing a small number of bricks.  

Once you have chosen your build, the app presents you with a digital guide for how to get started on that model.  

When finished, you are encouraged to share your creation on social media platforms or directly with your friends via messaging.  

A great way of giving a second, third and fourth life to your Lego! 

Time to put the sweatpants to one side!  

In a bid to engage with new tourists, Iceland’s recent campaign takes a very different approach… 

They recognise the importance that sweatpants and joggers have had for all of us over the last year but they are encouraging us to think again.  

The campaign states that Iceland will take your trusty pandemic friend and upcycle them into custom hiking boots ‘suitable for your first adventure beyond the couch’.  

Each pair of ‘handmade sweatpant boots’ are free – but there are only a limited number available to those visiting Iceland in 2021.  

Each boot is made from recycled sweatpants and can be created in a day.  

Making second-hand furniture simple 

Clothing resale is a huge new trend as many of us try and cut back on fast fashion purchases. And the demand for resale furniture is also huge – however it is nowhere near as easy to package and send as shirts and shoes.  

This is where Paris-based Youzd comes in. They are a second-hand platform for furniture, appliances and other home goods and are looking to fix the problem!  

They have partnered with delivery services to handle transportation with transparent fees. Buyers are guaranteed that purchases will arrive within a 2-hour delivery window and buyers can even order items from several different sellers and have them shipped in one go.  

The start-up, which launched last year, is targeting urban consumers who are eager to buy second-hand, but don't have access to a car or van.  

2019 UK survey found that 30% of respondents had thrown out furniture, electrical items and homewares that were in good enough condition that they could have been reused, sold or donated.  

So, are furniture resale apps the newest thing to help ease this massive burden on the environment? Youzd definitely thinks so. 

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