Issue #068

Charlotte Hurd


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring greendesking’ in Montreal, Bumble’s dating advice, deep-fake fashion and growing meat from wheat.

Greendesking in Montreal

Working from home has lots of upsides – but it can get lonely and spending all day and night between the same four walls can take its toll. To get WFH-ers out and about, the city of Montreal now has 23 outdoor workstations that are free for anyone to use.  

The ‘little summer islands’ have been designed to allow users to take calls outside, with power outlets, integrated lighting and free wifi. The structures can accommodate two socially distanced people, and six at a normal distance.  

Each space features native plants, and a ramp for accessibility and are made using sustainable materials.  

In addition to combatting the isolation that many teleworkers feel, the project hopes to share the benefits of 'greendesking' for people's mental and emotional wellbeing 

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Bumble’s dating advice    

Post-pandemic, the world of dating has become a tricky one to navigate. With this in mind, Bumble have enlisted Bafta-winning actor Aimee Lou Wood to share some words of advice for daters who are trying to get back in the groove in Bumble’s latest ad.   

“Right, it's time to go outside, isn't it?...seriously, no pressure... well, maybe chuck out those leggings babe, have you seen that gusset?” 


Deep-fake Fashion

Presented in Paris, the BALENCIAGA Spring 2022 collection was showcased with one deep-fake runway model. All All 44 runway looks were seen on artist and BALENCIAGA muse Eliza Douglas 

The surreal didn’t end there. Following on from Gucci’s consenting appropriation of BALENCIAGA fashion staples in its April 2021 show, the Balenciaga Clones collection continued the cross-pollination theme. The Hacker Project featured a graffitied version of a Gucci handbag, reading ‘This is not a Gucci Bag’. 

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Alpha Food     

In an attempt to challenge the ‘impossibility’ of turning wheat into meat, plant-based meat company Alpha Foods launched Grow Your Own Meat in May 2021. As part of the campaign, the company sent out seed kits to customers.  

The seed kits allowed recipients to grow and harvest the ingredients that are used in Alpha’s meat alternatives. The company aimed to challenge the perceptions around both the taste of meat alternatives and how they are produced. Alpha Foods is based in California. 

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