Issue #059

Charlotte Hurd


Welcome to your weekly dose of TooXToo, this week featuring The no-cook cookbook, Adidas X Depop, supporting your local and Apple encourage serious singing.

The no-cook cookbook  

With almost a year of our own cooking many of us are ready to never see a pot or pan again. Infact  65% of US consumers said they were suffering from cooking burnout (Datassential, 2020).  

So to appeal to this cooked out audience, US delivery service Postmates has launched an anti-cookbook for the fatigued at-home chefs. 

The limited-edition Don’t Cookbook has over 200 ‘recipes’ – but instead of your normal ingredients and method this book provides tongue-in-cheek instructions and a QR code that directs readers to restaurants offering the dish on Postmates. 

For example, the method for its Deli Sandwich recipe reads: 

  1. Some people say there's no wrong way to make a deli sandwich. 
  2. Most other people don't agree. 
  3. Order a deli sandwich. 

“We’re a year into quarantine, and we’ve tried every food trend from sourdough to whipped coffee. If it has taught us anything, it is that we need to be able to laugh at ourselves and our increasingly complex and often exhausting relationship with cooking at home,” Kevin Byrd, creative director of Postmates, told publication AdAge. 

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Adidas x Depop 

Adidas and Depop are working together to task their community of sellers to customise a pair of new sustainable trainers to be sold via the platform.  

With 40 one-of-a-kind pairs created the collaboration speaks perfectly to personalisation hungry Gen Zers 

The Stan Smith shoe is an updated version of the Adidas classic, now sustainably reimagined with an upper made from 50% recycled plastic. This is in line with Adidas’ aim to drastically cut down on plastic waste and its use of virgin materials by 2024.  

The forty crafty Depop sellers who have customised their own pair of the Primegreen sneakers, will see all proceeds from the sale going to a charity of their choice.

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Support your local 

After what feels like the longest winter, this past Monday, April 12 marked the day that the British people could visit the shops, go back to the gym and descend on the local pub.  

Whilst pubs have remained closed, it is no secret that supermarkets have consistently done well out of the pandemic as people stocked their cupboards with wine, beer and G&T tinnies 

But as pubs with beer gardens reopen in England, Tesco has taken the moment to remind its shoppers to support their local. 

'Pop to your local if you canPubs have had it tough this year. That's why, for once, instead of telling you about our fantastic deals, we're using this space to ask you to support them instead (as long as you feel safe to do so). Because right now, every little helps. 

The move has been widely welcomed across social channels as people congratulate Tesco on the quick witted and smart move.  

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‘Sing more, speak better’ 

Over the last month, Apple Music have released a series of playlists designed to help people with Speech and Sound Disorders grasp difficult sounds and phrases.  

The music giant used an algorithm to compile its ‘Saylists‘ playlists which exclusively feature songs with challenging sounds and phrases. Consumers can choose from 10 saylists – with titles such as “Ch”, “K”, and “R” – depending on the sound they find most difficult to pronounce.  

The playlists, which are free for Apple Music customers, were created to provide young people with a fun way to improve their communication skills. 

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