Issue #028

Laura Galdi


Welcome to your weekly dose of TOO x TOO – Featuring ROHBAU's 'super limited' Hoodie, Brewdog launches hand sanitizer, Leon's mini supermarket and Judy launches survival kits.

Video-game style fashion

London and Berlin have just seen the birth of a new streetwear brand – ROHBAU – which has quite a unique selling point. This brand is mostly digital with the potential therefore of being fully eco-sustainable.

ROHBAU is currently selling their “super-limited” signature garment only, a futuristic video game-inspired hoodie in translucent material that comes in four colour variations.

For 40 euros the hoodie is all yours and once you have purchased, you will be asked to upload a photo of you wearing the garment, after which the ROHBAU team of digital tailors will render it onto your body, adjusting it to your individual body shape.

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BrewDog produce a different kind of alcohol

The luxury giant LMVH is not the only company to have turned the efforts of their brands into producing free hand sanitisers to relieve the global shortages and limit the spread of COVID-19.

In fact, Scottish beer brand BrewDog, followed by other alcohol companies around England, have all turned their production lines of their distilleries to help the cause.  

In few feeks, BrewDog will be able to freely distribute its first assortment around Scottish charities and communities, hoping to slow down the spread of the virus in the country.

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LEON – a mini-supermarket for times of need

With the strict lockdown imposed by the UK government in the current coronavirus outbreak, restaurants are looking for solutions to avoid bankruptcies and job losses whilst also helping to tackle food shortages in supermarkets.

LEON, the fast-food and restaurant chain, have collaborated with London-based catering company, Absolute Taste, to sell restaurant-quality ready meals, meats and sauces that -thanks to the creation of a new platform – will be delivered to customers’ doors, ready to store and eat at home.

Other restaurants and caterers are being invited to join this scheme.

Surviving – the stylish way

As global consumers are being increasingly forced to isolate at home and avoid social gatherings brands have had to step in it to fulfil some potential consumer needs whilst alleviating consumers’ anxiety.

US-based JUDY is gaining popularity on social media with their modern-day survival kits thanks to Chloe Kardashian dedicated post on Instagram.

JUDY survival kits range from a small waist-bag to medium or large waterproof backpacks, to large plastic boxes. Depending on their size and cost -which range from dollars 60 to 250- the kits contain different tools, supplies, first aid essentials, food and water and plans and guides.

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