The Ritual of Intentionalism

Charlotte Hurd


One thing is clear, we all feel that the Covid pandemic robbed us of time – time with our loved ones, time to visit new places, time to continue with our normal routines – so following two very disrupted years, has time become the ultimate commodity?  

The pandemic afforded us all with a moment to reflect, to declutter and we now recognise a renewed sense of ‘glass half full’, of grabbing every opportunity to make new memories as we settle back into the normal rhythm of life.  

It seems therefore, that for the modern consumer - accruing moments of time is the ultimate luxury. 

So, when it comes to brands and products, who and what are the innovators in this space?  

Firstly, we look to the world of neuroscience, which has entered the realm of interior design to help create products and spaces that offer the ultimate environment for meditative relaxation.  

US startup Resonate, for example comprises of a lounge chair, goggles and headphones and provides full body vibrations, sound, and light to soothe the nervous system and guide the mind into a deeper level of consciousness.  

Similarly, meditation tool Reflect Orb provides the user with a ‘personal companion’ which can be paired with music, concentrated breath, or a guided meditation. The orb ‘breathes’ into different colours to help users better understand their path to relaxation.  

And this consideration for taking five has also had a huge influence over the hospitality industry – a large number of major hotel brands are now baking wellness into their offering, providing customers with opportunity to truly appreciate time.  

The Four Seasons in New York for example, now employ ‘resident healers’ and guests can enjoy a clairvoyant reading, crystal therapy or sonic alchemy sessions as part of their stay.  

So, moving forwards – how do we serve this customer? Ultimately it all comes down to the ritual of intentionalism; ensuring that everything we say or do has purpose and affords consumers the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the moment.  

This could be anything from the way a product is packaged, the tone of voice used or even small moments in a physical retail environment which afford customers the opportunity to relax and get to know the brand better.  

After all – ‘Carpe Diem!’ 

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