Snackable lifestyles

Megan Hotson


Breaking up the day into smaller moments which feature rest breaks, bursts of joy or clarity can help drive more effective lifestyles. 

From taking a moment to do some colouring, go on a walk, or have a snack for example – our days should be less about one activity or task, but about creating more diversity and enjoyment by segmenting our days into multiple moments.

This is not a new trend - consumers clamouring for routine during the pandemic leant into this idea of snackable activities to make long days of lockdown feel less mundane. 

The idea of snackable lifestyles is now seeing a resurgence with the growth of hybrid lifestyles which give consumers greater flexibility to tailor their working hours and the moments in between.

Spaces for multiple moments

Businesses are now diversifying their spaces to cater to snackable lifestyles, popping up everywhere from gyms to apartment complexes or dining facilities. 
Screenshot 2023-02-17 at 15.29.53

Community focused brand, Heimat is a great example of a space actioning this trend. Marketing themselves as ‘The One place to simply be’ they aim to bring together all of life’s touchpoints or moments allowing people work, exercise, and live seamlessly. 

Workspaces are also adopting this approach to design to align with snackable lifestyles. Remote schedules mean work routines are now pertinent to all businesses, and the flexibility or ability to do more than just work at the office will be a necessity for brands who want to align with the changing lifestyle patterns of their employees. 

London’s Huckle tree is an office space that incorporates childcare facilities, meaning employees have the option to take a break from their day from work to focus on their kids in the absence of childcare. 

So snackable lifestyles are not just about creating joy but affording us will greater adaptability to juggle different roles and responsibilities alongside work. 

“My 5-9 before my 9-5” 

Part of the wider ‘snackable lifestyle’ trend we are seeing a surge in creators on TikTok sharing their “My 5-9 before my 9-5” routines. 

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This content aims to show people how to make the most of the time in their day. From getting up earlier to read or walk, to going to the gym or making a more elaborate breakfast, this trend celebrates taking time out for you to make your day about more than just a 9-5 office job. 

 Of course, early mornings do not tantalise everybody, but the premise of this trend is still relevant.  The fact this content is trending online, shows the appetite from internet users for advice or inspiration on how better organise the moments in their day before work to maximise a sense of fulfilment. 

Key takeaways:

-    Brands should look to diversify space – especially offices, to allow people or workers to focus and participate in multiple activities. This adaptation will be key for the consumer of today and tomorrow who wants their day to be filled with multiple bite-size activities. 

-    Social media is a great place for consumers to gain advice, or inspiration on all of life’s struggles. Once one creator starts posting about daily routines for example – more follow. Brands have an opportunity here to make their mark, giving advice or inspiration on how best to tackle a specific issue in a way that resonates with a social media-native generation.

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