Full brand identity for new lifestyle and furniture brand Mobellosa

May 2017

In a collaboration which saw Mobellosa built from scratch, The One Off developed and designed a visual identity, website and brand exhibition space in just over two months. Mobellosa have had great success since their unveiling with help from The One Off’s visual identity which included a trend led colour palette, photography style and logo. Once the Mobellosa brand had begun to take shape, we captured the brand values of passion, elegance and simplicity on a 3-day shoot.

The One Off unveils first brand campaign for East Midlands Trains

May 2017

Using tiny architectural models and huge everyday items, the campaign is made up of all the small elements that make a big difference. The heroes of the campaign are the ‘little things’ which have been brought to life through OOH, Radio, Social and in-station digital and print communications. To extend the campaign reach a social competition entitled ‘little finds, big prizes’ was also developed. This encourages customers to find a member of the mini team, take a snap and share #LittleFinds.

Hard Rock Product

Apr 2017

‘We were approached by global brand, Hard Rock Café with the challenge to re-position the brand to a new generation of consumers. We began implementing the new Hard Rock style by designing a range of branded product. Foremost, these garments were designed with brand heritage in mind, but they also needed to have the capability to be both iconic and modern. We wanted the products to get the attention a different consumer, that of a trend-setting, social savvy 20 something who may not have previously connected with the Hard Rock brand.’

Wedgwood making of Jade Butterfly

Mar 2017

We created a short film showing the process of how the Jade Butterfly range is created. A complicated production process with many stages was documented in detail, capturing everything from casting through to firing and the final application of the gold lithograph and gilding.

Wedgwood making of Jasper Magnolia Blossom

Mar 2017

We created a short film that showed the many complex processes used in making the Jasper Manolia Blossom range. Each process was carefully documented and edited into a number of films that have been used in exhibitions, social media and online.