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200 Years of Royal Doulton

Centenaries may be rare enough – but bicentenaries are even harder to come by. For Royal Doulton’s 200th anniversary, we were tasked with creating a range of work that would celebrate this milestone. Our work spanned an overarching anniversary marque and limited-edition variants, brochures, point-of-sale, a webpage and video content promoting anniversary product collections. 

Catching up with graffiti artist Pure Evil in his Shoreditch workshop, we filmed the creation of one of his anarchic, Warholesque canvases used in the Royal Doulton anniversary range. The video also explores the inspiration behind the artist’s famous fanged bunny icon – immortalised in a set of five figurines for the brand.

Filming with street artist Nick Walker in Royal Doulton’s derelict factory space, we rigged up a wrist-mounted camera to capture the energy of his spray paint work. While adopting an altogether more measured pace, we also sat down with illustrator Charlene Mullen to chat about her intricately patterned, modern take on some of London’s historic landmarks.

Pure Evil and 200 years Royal Doulton collaboration