Sports Direct

eCommerce website elevation

As part of an ongoing elevation project and Sports Direct’s biggest update to its website in more than five years, we have been working with a large in-house team of designers and developers to update the user experience and bring it in line with their new-look retail stores.

How do you go about redesigning and overhauling one of the biggest eCommerce websites in the world, without ever closing for maintenance? This is the challenge that faced our team, and the in-house teams that manage The answer lies in careful planning, collaboration and deep knowledge of the systems and processes involved to develop a structured roadmap.

Starting with concept work to agree on goals and get buy-in from senior stakeholders, our team then started with a redesign of the header, footer and mega-nav before moving on to design a flexible landing page design system. Through this project, we delivered UX and UI design, as well as development handover, support and testing. This is a project that is ongoing, with further releases planned for 2022.