Sports Direct

Birmingham New Street Flagship

After the successful launch of Sports Direct’s flagship store in London’s Oxford Street, Frasers Group continued its longstanding partnership with The One Off by asking us to design its second and largest flagship store in Birmingham New Street. The theme of elevation also continues and is prevalent across all four floors of this 60,000-square-foot retail space. It gives customers access to an impressive breadth of brands and product choices and embodies the true spirit of Sports Direct’s mantra of ‘Sport Starts Here’.

The spacious atrium, which spans all four floors of the store, includes a digital wrap to the exposed sides of each floor slab, creating an immersive and engaging entrance. This helps guide customers through the vast expanse, which has dynamic and navigational motion content, all created by The One Off, as was the 3D digital map at the entrance. A QR code allows customers to download the store navigation on their mobile phones.

Much of the architectural integrity of the building has been maintained and incorporated as part of the environmental design, including existing concrete and brickwork which has been left exposed. The One Off worked with local artists Zuke, Will Barras, Tahgasa Bertram and Lisa Tegtmeier to create a celebration of sport and local youth culture through curated art pieces, which have been applied directly to the walls above key branded areas.