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Retail Strategy

Our teams have combined our shopper and sector insights with Sky’s vision to create the “Access All Areas” concept. Sky’s move from mid-mall retailing to an inline space was a huge step for the business. An incredible opportunity to create a unique, market-leading and innovative concept that connected Sky and its customers in a new way, whilst amplifying the brand experience in an immersive environment, that feels intrinsically Sky.

TOO helped to create a space that showcases Sky original content – an offer which sets Sky apart from other telco competitors, alongside their product range (Sky Q, Sky Mobile and Sky Broadband) as an ecosystem to entertain and surprise, with a strong emphasises on service in a bold and impactful store environment.

“Sky is extremely proud to have worked alongside The One Off to deliver a suite of Sky shops that bring service, innovation and convenience together under one roof, sharing our amazing benefits with new and existing customers, at a time when keeping people connected has never been more important” – John Magill, Head of Store Design and Merchandising.