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Retail experience concepts

When Škoda was looking to express that guiding principle through retail, architecture, digital and graphic communications they appointed The One Off as a lead agency working directly with the design and architecture teams in Mlada Boleslav in the Czech Republic.

Since then, The One Off have created global design directives and inspirations across interactive; showroom design reinvention; retail format progression, global signage vision and finally the impact of electric vehicles, growing markets and the pandemic.

Projects have included a new concept in Amsterdam where transport and culture became the driving force behind the design; a vision for the future showroom and numerous sites in India, evolving the design principles in-line with national, regional, cultural and grading principles.

Showroom concept principles – India
Showroom concept principles – India
Showroom concept – Amsterdam
Retail Vision – Attract – Shop front
Retail Vision – Attract – Retail window
Retail Vision – Products exploration – Merchandising
Retail Vision – Products exploration – AR overlay