Redrow Workplace Redesign

Redrow approached us to help them navigate the post-pandemic world and encourage their team to find the joy in returning to the office. Following both a recent re-brand and the opening of a new Southern Division it seemed the right time to evaluate working practices to create a place that would excite them, unify them, and attract new talent to a revitalised Redrow brand. We knew our concept needed to put a greater emphasis on spaces for creative working and collaboration, engagement, and socialisation.

Over a third of global employers believe that offices will remain as important as they were pre-pandemic (CBRE, 2020). However, Redrow recognised that to tempt employees back into the workplace they must accommodate new demands.

The new generation of hybrid workers crave the collaboration and socialisation offered by the office environment. We needed therefore, to consider the creation of an adaptable space which could accommodate a range of different needs from meeting, learning and social events.

A key part of the initial phase of this project was extensive research to understand Redrow’s people, their business and what the future holds. We explored, in detail the concepts of emotional, physical, and mental wellness and how this translates to happy working environments.

This research allowed us to create a new way to plan their spaces, looking at their workflow in more detail and creating a space planning principle to enable projects to flow seamlessly through each team and to encourage collaboration in a way that hadn’t been utilised before.

The result is an innovative and flexible space designed with each person and team in mind. There are fresh and open spaces to encourage vitality, calmer areas for quiet, focussed working, studious corners for concentrated work, collaborative hubs to bring teams together, modular social spaces for communal activity and all with moments of fun, innovation and Redrow personality.

This successful pilot located in Crawley in the UK will now be rolled out to further Redrow offices across the country.

Focusing on how people feel and behave at work allowed us to create a concept that elevates wellness by encouraging movement, introducing biophilia, playing with light and colour, and catering for different personality types. We removed traditional barriers to avoid siloed working, enabling staff to be collaborative, positive and productive.