Website & media

Selling pork pies to Americans must be one of our biggest ever challenges. But when The English Pork Pie Company wanted to expand and break into the US, we got to work – developing a new identity that would appeal to ex-pats and lovers of all things British. Using the founders’ family name, Parker’s was born.

To reach and entice Parker’s target consumer, the team designed a responsive e-commerce website that was on-brand and easy to use. We were responsible for the creative and build, right down to every element of the user experience. Our bespoke shipping module was designed to understand the size of each product ordered – letting customers know exactly how much room was left in their basket to help them make the most of their shipment.

Created as adaptable digital templates, we designed the assets for use across all platforms, including email marketing. These were a big success, driving sales through the website while ensuring consistency with wider promotions.

Parker's website on a desktop screen
Stilton cheese
Instagram feed showing 50% off discount