Marketing Workspace

We were briefed to refresh the existing environment to create a more effective workspace for the Nike team. The space needed to be an agile environment that could flex to suit the needs of the users whilst communicating the brands values.

Private focus desks are dispersed with collaboration spaces and whiteboard walls. We added a kitchen/diner to act as a heart to the space – a place to hang out and socialise. Presentation spaces were redefined to move from fixed rooms to a more flexible set of components and freestanding walls that allow categories to grow and shrink as required.

The completed space includes a map showing where Nike was founded, an archive image of a personal message written by its founder Bill Bowerman, and a commissioned illustration by Edward Fairbairn.

Nike head office - meeting room entrance
Nike head office - kitchen entrance
Nike head office kitchen table
Nike head office - history wall
Nike head office retail space
Nike head office installation