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The One Off has worked in the consumer electronics sector since the beginning: inventing EE at retail; working as a global lead agency with Samsung and Sky TV and since 2016 have been working across discipline with Huawei’s global marketing team.

Projects have included new concepts for shop in shop and retail design; films showing the use cases for AI and the ‘Internet of Things’ used at conferences and across social channels; photographic commissions; the global marketing strategy and collateral for ‘Story Sign’, part of their enriching peoples lives programme and lastly the design of

the Huawei European HQ in London to highlight the brands personality and enhance staff and visitors experience improving working processes and communication. The agency remain global lead agency on a number of humanitarian and technological initiatives.

Design of European HQ – London
StorySign – Global marketing strategy
StorySign – Advertising campaign and marketing collateral
StorySign – Merchandising unit
Motion content creation

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