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Future proofing the brand

Fast Fit autocare brand Protyre came to us with a huge question: Is our brand fit for future? With the fast changing landscape, acquisition style business model and huge ambition for future, Protyre came to us to help understand and advise on how they could bring the Protyre brand into the future.

The full research process included sector immersion, trend analysis, customer and employee interviews and surveys and focus group interviews. The research was undertaken to identify if a new name and identity is necessary to reflect our future ambitions to align our estate and extend basket size. Research also helped to test Protyre’s existing brand values, helping to define subsequent business strategies.

Stage one

Sector immersion

Firstly with this project, it was key to understand the sector overall. How does it look? What innovation is happening in this space? Where are the gaps in the market?

Sector analysis and a competitor audit allowed us to quickly see that there is huge stagnation in this sector. Many brands look the same, offer the same and have the same reputation with customers.

We identified a real opportunity for change – one which wasn’t made up of primary colours.

Stage two

Understanding the consumer mindset

We know, particularly in the automotive sector that huge change is imminent – therefore it was crucial to ensure we understood current customer attitudes and key trends shaping this industry.

We undertook a round of secondary trends research to delve into the whats, whys and hows of the automotive sector to really understand how this brand should be shaped for future.

These key takeaways were a consistent across the project as we developed a brand which would reflect customer attitude and opinion and help Protyre to extend their reach and brand awareness.

Stage three

Brand immersion

As part of our process it was key to understand Protyre as a business – from both its employees and its customers. Our research process looked at uncovering brand values and DNA through a series of stakeholder interviews and staff and customer surveys.

The research undertaken at this stage proved the validity of the Protyre values and showed the strength in the promises Protyre were making to their customers. We understood the need to maintain the brands DNA moving forwards.

Stage four

Understanding our customer

The key objective for the next stage of the project was to really gain a clear and in-depth understanding of both customers and non-customers when it came to their overall opinions and attitudes in this sector.

We conducted a number of focus groups with a wide range of both Protyre customers and non-customers uncovering their thoughts on brand identity, customer service and expectations for future.

The focus groups provided us with valuable quotations and opinions which in turn allowed us to create a brand identity which answers to the consumer and is fit for the expectations of the future.

Stage five

Concept testing

Finally, on completing the initial creative stage, we felt it crucial to test our proposed routes with customers to ensure our identity resonated with them.

We tested two creative routes with both existing and non-existing customers via a quantitative survey and used the subsequent data to ensure we moved forwards with confidence.

The survey results and data allowed us to ensure that we took the correct elements forwards and created an overall identity which was fit for purpose.