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Brand identity

New habits in media consumption are bringing disruptive change to virtually every sector. And, for some long-established businesses, this can be a significant challenge. For Franklin Templeton Investments (FTI), an investment company steeped in heritage, connecting with today’s audiences would require a full reconsideration of their brand.

Founded in 1947, FTI has grown into the world’s premier investment management company – respected by financial advisors and investors alike. But for a modern global audience, the brand’s comms didn’t represent their status as a world-leading authority in the sector.

We developed a new approach to branding the business that elevated FTI’s investment market commentaries across online, social and broadcast content. Alongside this, we created a set of guidelines for their in-house production studio and marketing team that helped shift customer perception of FTI from an investment organisation to a trusted global media brand.

Stability, Perspective, Growth
Franklin Templeton Identity
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