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Pilot retail experience

The launch of a new brand identity is an exciting opportunity, but it’s no easy task. What’s new? What’s important? And why should customers pay attention? When mobile network EE asked us to create their retail experience from scratch, our team delivered a result that would redefine ‘telco’ shopping.

Insight from our research told us customers were tired of traditional mobile stores and their commission-chasing staff. And they were confused by the new, growing world of smartphones, apps and data. So, our store design centred on the concept of ‘Humanising Technology’, offering visitors a place they could learn about new technology in a relaxed way – without the usual pressure from a salesperson.

An initial trial of five stores opened in 2010, testing key elements of both our retail proposition and customer understanding of the Orange, T-Mobile and EE brand relationship. The stores quickly became a success – exceeding sales targets, gaining the highest NPS scores of the business’s retail estate, and launching the fully-merged EE brand itself. Rolling out as a flagship format and in 24 further locations, the store concept also scooped ‘Best Retail’ at the Marketing Week Awards.

EE front of store