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National retail design rollout

The launch of a new brand identity is an exciting opportunity, but it’s no easy task. What’s new? What’s important? And why should customers pay attention? When mobile network EE asked us to create their retail experience from scratch, our team delivered a result that would redefine ‘telco’ shopping.

Working alongside brand consultancy Wolff Olins and EE’s retail team, we created a highly flexible retail environment that aimed to change the way customers shop for mobile phones. Our rollout kit allowed us to rebrand all store elements across 650 UK locations in just two nights ahead of the launch. On top of this, we also designed smaller experiential units for installation in partner stores to widen the brand footprint even further.

For print and digital promotions, we had to educate consumers on the brand USP as well as drive sales. So, our communications hierarchy always showcased the benefits of 4G in an engaging way. And with comms needing to feature a world of ever-changing handsets, third party branded content and more, we also developed a range of digital templates that enabled fast, easy and reusable content creation across media channels.

EE went on to hit their target of signing up 1 million 4G customers three months ahead of schedule