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It's The Little Things

Sidestepping traditional claims around speed, efficiency and comfort, our ‘It’s the Little Things’ campaign focused on honesty and transparency. It brought to life the brand’s investment in its service across OOH, radio, social and in-station digital and print communications. Combining tiny architectural models with huge everyday items, the campaign aimed to demonstrate how lots of small elements make a big difference. It showed that the company was doing all they could to make journeys better.

2 toy ladies sitting on the side of a cup of tea

We wanted this campaign to connect with both current and new customers, making them feel valued and building trust in our brand by demonstrating all the ways we’re making journeys better. The One Off’s use of disruptive and immersive media set them apart from other agencies, and ‘It’s the Little Things’ has the consumer at its heart.

Kate Squires, Head of Marketing
East Midlands Train 'All ears' train platform advert
East Midlands Train 'Working on it' billboard advert
East Midlands Trains All Ears campaign on iPad Facebook
East Midlands Train 'Talk to us' train platform advert

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East Midlands Trains 'A little something from us' campaign
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