Parents are a notoriously tricky customer to win over. With their kids’ wellbeing front of mind, any brand needs to both reassure and inspire. So when Vosene wanted to promote a range of nourishing, child-friendly shampoos, they came to us for help. Our work communicated their trustworthy product and genuine sense of passion – with a little help from the DreamWorks Trolls.

Creating a kid-friendly personality

Brand guidelines

Vosene’s product mantra needed to echo throughout everything we created – ‘reassuringly gentle and gratifyingly cheeky’. To get the message across, we developed brand guidelines refreshing everything in the range, from logos to packaging. We then put these guidelines into action with a promotional campaign linked with the launch of DreamWorks’ Trolls.

Standing out on the shelves


This exciting collaboration needed a strong identity. With the original design in mind, we created limited edition Trolls packaging. Using pops of bright colour and striking images of the film’s characters, the bottles stood out on supermarket shelves. And while the visual aspects would appeal to kids, a tone of voice that promised a gentle yet nourishing product reassured sceptical parents.

Teaming up with the Trolls

Advertising – OOH Trolls launch

Who better to be the Vosene mascot than the hair icons themselves? To accompany the release of the film, we launched an advertising promotion in Tesco and Asda: buy a limited-edition bottle and be in with the chance of winning one of 40,000 collectable Trolls dolls. It was just one more head-turning, hair-raising reason to choose Vosene.

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