Combining style, substance and a ‘fast fashion’ approach to furniture – quickly bringing the latest style trends from the fashion world to living rooms – sofa manufacturer Mobellosa had a superb product. But in a saturated market, how could they stand out? Working from scratch, we developed a unique identity that was tailor-made for their 25-35 market.

Establishing style, from the ground up

Brand Identity

With Mobellosa’s key message of ‘style and substance’ in mind, we developed a visual identity that would do this positioning justice. Our identity development process was based on an understanding of current and future furniture trends. On top of this, we carefully crafted a fashionable colour palette, photography style and brand logo.

Style that speaks volumes

Digital – website design

To build excitement in the run-up to the launch, our visual identity needed to go digital. Using our established colour palette, photography style and typography, we designed a fully responsive, multi-language site that spoke to Mobellosa’s target audience – in both design and dialect.

Capturing laid-back lifestyle


With Mobellosa beginning to take shape, we needed the photography to capture the brand’s passion, elegance and simplicity. We travelled to the brand’s furniture factory in Poland to carry out a photoshoot. And, in just three days, we art-directed seven living spaces around the Mobellosa sofa range, each evoking an industrial-chic feel. Though we were working within the restrictive space of the factory, we produced a dynamic library of shots using coloured backdrops and unique styling for each sofa.

We officially launched Mobellosa at the Furniture Fair in Poznan last month and we had amazing feedback at the exhibition. Visitors loved the design of the stand.


Pop-up exhibition stand

We officially launched Mobellosa to international markets by creating a pop-up exhibition stand that showcased the sofa range and introduced the lifestyle brand to furniture fanatics. Each element worked together to make the most of the small space – from the colour palette to the logo, we fine-tuned every detail. Our stylish display was a stand-out feature of the event, giving Mobellosa the impact and gravitas usually associated with an established brand.

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