Trends and insights

August Round Up

by Ellen McMahon, Wednesday 27th September 2017


August Round Up

The trends and insights influencing brands and consumers alike from the month of August…

Foodie updates

Social media, led by Instagram is creating a profound change in how food is seen. Instagram is now the dominant force in modern food and drink culture, the social platform has driven demand for selfie-encouraging restaurant settings and carefully curated food styling.

Alcohol brands in particular have adopted the immersive nature of events to improve brand perception and increase purchase intent. Beer, wine and spirit companies have begun experimenting with multi-sensory experiences, merging food and drink in innovative ways.

The health-minded, eco-conscious Millennials are also eating differently to their predecessors, food is seen as another avenue for self-expression, and is being shared online. For this cohort, food isn’t just about nutrition – what you eat says something about who you are as a person. There is a shift in mentality as sugar replaces carbs as the ingredient to avoid, and plants replace animals as the major source of protein.

Fashion forward

As the magazine world continues to grapple with the changing face of media consumption, publishers have begun directing their attention to Instagram in a bid to court young audiences. Moving beyond the escapism that fashion is known for, print and online outlets now address timely, social issues in a culturally relevant manner.

Editors and stylists take to a brands Instagram to offer additional context about a particular project or image. Many of these titles have enlisted social celebrities and use their brand heritage to keep interest alive in a new era.

Getting crafty

Craftivism (craft and activism) sends gentle, creative messages hoping to trigger conversations about social change. Craftivism is a transformative and healing tool which provides opportunities for the more introverted to take part.

This movement is inclusive, mindful and self-healing, it acts as a healthy, emotional outlet and there are opportunities for brands to power local artists and give grass roots movements a platform. In a politically anxious society a healthy emotional outlet and contemporary art will emerge across the appropriate platforms.


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