Issue #027

Table pizza, pizza table, BMW's logo goes flat, An environment-friendly, fruity, fresh gin, Arsham X Dior art
By Laura Galdi, on 16th March 2020

Welcome to your weekly dose of TOO x TOO – our round-up of the four most exciting, unusual or interesting things to drop in the last seven days, brought to you by the insights team here at The One Off.

Table pizza, pizza table 

IKEA and Pizza Hut have launched a two-way collaboration that sees the birth of a new small table and of a new tasty pizza. 

IKEA created Säva, a pizza table that represents the life-size version of the miniature one -named “pizza-saver” – that Pizza Hut employs to pile up their take-away pizza boxes. The Säva table is specifically designed proportionately to fit a pizza box, and it can be easily assembled and disassembled. Whilst, in honor of IKEA’s most celebrated restaurant dish, meatballs, Pizza Hut introduced a new meatball pizza to their menu.  

To advertise the new products, Pizza Hut posted a cheeky campaign on Facebook that the fans apparently loved from the first day. 

BMW’s logo goes flat 

Undergoing their biggest branding change in more than a century, German automotive brand, BMW, have changed their internationally recognised logo. 

For decades, the logo consisted of a round circle, comprising the brand name written in either gold or white on a black ring, and four centred blue and white quartets representing the Bavarian colours, where BMW was originated.  

The new big design change came to symbolise the relevance of the brand for driving and mobility in the future. This sees the logo transformed back into 2D, with a transparent background that “radiates openness and clarity”. 

BMW shared the importance of this change, telling its customers that –

“With this new transparent variant, we want to invite our customers more than ever to become part of the BMW world. In addition, our new brand design is geared to the challenge and opportunities of digitalization for brands.” 

An environment-friendly, fruity, fresh gin  

The first climate-positive gin in the world -called Nadar Gin- is said to be “fresh and fruity”, flavoured with lemongrass, citrus leaf and natural botanicals. 

Instead of cereals such as barley, grain and maize as a base ingredient it is made with peas organically grown, which nitrogen-fixing properties allow to keep its CO2 production at -1.54kg per year. The peas left from the gin production are then used as animal feed. 

Beside avoiding the pollution of local waterways, peas employed by Nadar Gin boost soil fertility thanks to their ability of capturing nitrogen from the air, passing it to the soil.  

The new spirit is produced by the Scottish alcohol producer Arbikie Distillery who are planning to extend their pea production from just their own estate, to others discarded from local farms that would otherwise be wasted.  

Master Distiller Kirsty Black said:

“By producing the world’s first climate positive gin, we are taking initial steps towards improving our environmental impact, while demonstrating what can be achieved when like-minded researchers and business come together”.  

Arsham X Dior art 

Luxury fashion house Dior gets together with Daniel Arsham to create a limited-edition capsule collection of numbered art pieces – Future Relics. 

After a previous collaboration on the former 2020 spring set and collection, Dior’s Art Director, Kim Jones invited the artist to create some scenography, a set of art objects, to display in the Dior stores. 

All created in a faux-eroded effect studded in crystals, Daniel Arsham’s signature, the artworks play tribute to Christian Dior’s first vocation of an art collector and gallerist.  The artworks, that include a sculpture of a basketball and Christian Dior’s 1951 book “Je Suis Couturier”, are packaged in old-fashioned-style boxes, recalling the crates that used to be employed for special deliveries. 

The Dior and Daniel Arsham’s collection is available in selected Dior boutiques, enlisted on the brand’s website, where the pieces can also be bought. 

Table pizza, pizza table, B

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