Projection Mapping for Retail

We explore a collection of projection mapping examples in retail that show both ingenuity and creative talents

by Sam Beeson , Friday 29th June 2018


We explore a collection of projection mapping examples in retail that show both ingenuity and creative talents

The use of motion graphics content in the retail environment seems to be growing exponentially.

As shop windows battle for the attention of consumers, more retailers are realising the benefits that on screen content can have in helping to drive sales.

With so many brands including motion graphics as part of their in-store campaigns, the challenge now is to produce original, eye-catching content and introduce new technologies to stand out from their competitors.

Projection Mapping 

Projection mapping has so far had limited use in retail. Perhaps due to the limitations of projection hardware and the cost involved for both installation and content creation.

As creators produce ever more incredible examples of projection mapping, demand for the technology has risen, leading to development of the mapping software and greater knowledge of what kind of content looks the most spectacular.

This combined with projector developments at both ends of the price scale, mean projection mapping has become more accessible than ever.

What follows is a collection of projection mapping examples in retail that show both ingenuity and creative talents.

Nike Airforce 1 iD – Nike Town 

Paris based Smart-Pixels developed this NIKEiD installation for Niketown in London. Users design their own Airforce 1 colourway using the interface on a touch screen, and in real time the design is projected onto an all white version of the trainer, placed just above the screen.

The customer gets to experience their design coming to life in front of their eyes before purchasing and sending the design to production at the NIKEiD factory.

Projection Artworks – Shop Window 

Projection Artworks are specialists in the field, having worked on mapping projects for a vast number of clients, and on canvases ranging from a watch face to Battersea Power Station.

Their projection mapping of shop windows doesn’t match the scale of the huge buildings they’re used to, but is still particularly impressive in that they solve a big projection problem. Daylight.

Their installations for Topman and Faberge both used particularly powerful projectors in order to create the same impact during the day. The Topman installation went one step further in sensing current lighting conditions and selecting specific projection content to suit.

 VW Retail Store – Birmingham 

Located in the Bullring, Birmingham, the store includes a full length projection wall in which real objects trigger small stories about car ownership. These simple animations interact with objects on the shelving while information about the cars is also displayed.

It’s a very simple use of projection mapping that beautifully blends in with the retail space.

BRDG – Adidas Campaigns 

BRDG have worked on several Projection installs for the flagship Adidas store on 5th Avenue. What sets this content apart is the combination of technologies used and the spaces they are used in.

Their Ultraboost promotion used projection mapping on the footwear, which on its own was very impressive. But this was combined and synced with motion content on screens beneath the shoes to great effect.

For the Alpha Skin range of sports wear, they produced content that was projected over a large area of the shop floor, and contained striking visuals of different sports pitch and court lines. The area was open for shoppers to walk around, giving it an immersive feel.

Primark Berlin Map 

The map projection in Primark, Berlin makes use of the vast atrium space in the store, and can be seen over two floors. It’s a clever use of space that gives viewers time to take in the content while travelling on the escalators. The content gives a flavour of the city while also featuring Primark stores further afield.

Projection mapping continues to develop and as a result creators are finding more interesting and innovative uses for the technology.

Retail seems to be the space in which its use can really take off, to engage the customer, drive sales and ultimately move the high street shopping experience forward.


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