Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging Show 2018

Our highlights from the Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging Show

by Mukesh Parmar, Monday 1st October 2018


Our highlights from the Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging Show

Two days of inspiration, innovation and insights into all things packaging, from the world’s leading suppliers and brands. This year saw the industry’s hottest topic – the sustainability of plastic packaging being discussed. Exclusive to the show was the preview of the Pentawards Winners’ Exhibit, fresh from the award ceremony in New York. Here’s a little insight to the show.

A plastic free world

For the first time, A Plastic Planet showcased the Plastic Free Aisle. With one goal – to ignite and inspire the world to turn off the plastic tap. They want to dramatically reduce the use the plastic used to package our food and drink. They ask the question, we buy gluten-free, fat-free, dairy-free, why can’t we buy plastic-free? To answer the question they partnered with Dutch supermarket Ekoplaza to showcase how a plastic-free aisle can look. An interesting view on the future of plastic packaging.

Packaging inspiration

Raise your glass

Premium drink brands took luxury to the next level, with extravagant use of materials and finishing, reflecting the value of the product. Some nice use of materials, from cork to metal / metallic finishes. Veuve Clicquot and Jack Daniels offered bespoke solutions through object related packaging.

Packaging inspiration

More than just a bag

Considered formats, materials and finishing make bags a desirable asset to any brand. Detail is key for high-end fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, using their brand colours to create elegant ribbon handles. Stella McCartney on the other hand, use intricate die-cutting on their branding combined with brightly coloured cord handles.

Packaging inspiration

Best of the rest

Innovative and exciting solutions like the oversized acrylic Burberry perfume bottle to hand crafted ceramic products, showcase the beauty of luxury packaging.

Packaging summary

A truly inspirational and educational couple of days, with the best in luxury packaging and innovations on show.

Here are our top 3 take outs for the future of packaging:

1. Plastic-free world

As consumers are becoming more conscious about the environment, we can look at biodegradable / compostable materials as innovative alternatives to plastic. Food waste, for example potato starch is becoming popular for packaging.

2. Less is more

Too much information can lead to confusion for consumers. Designs are becoming simpler, embracing a less is more approach for greater standout on the shelf.

3. Websites to look at…

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