Google Pixel 3 – The Curiosity Rooms

We were eager to find out more about the latest in Google pop-ups, the Curiosity Rooms...

by Charlotte Hurd , Wednesday 12th December 2018


We were eager to find out more about the latest in Google pop-ups, the Curiosity Rooms...

Google, one of the leaders in brand activation, understand the social currency a successful experiential event can achieve. They appreciate that by creating an emotional reaction their audience will ultimately take away something more personal and special, connecting with the brand on a deeper level.

Their long list of successful events from the past year has helped position Google as a strong contender for the experiential crown. Their particularly popular Google Doughnut Shops for example, enticed customers into store to learn about the Home Mini…

…And their New York spot, Google Hardware Store, allowed customers to browse the latest additions to their product line-up, understanding how they work through the ‘Pixel 3 Toolbox’ and the Home Hub ‘treehouse’.

With a year of events under their belt, the last opportunity for Londoners to get to grips with Google is the Google Pixel, Curiosity Rooms at Piccadilly Circus. Running across five weeks, the activation is behemoth in scale and ambition with five floors of installations, Instagram friendly moments and free workshops, gigs and special events.

As a part of this packed programme of events, Google have enlisted help from members of the zeitgeist such as Hypebeast and Conde Nast to encourage footfall. These free ticketed events have been successful in building hype around the event, with many selling out within hours.

The event ultimately serves to highlight the features of the new Pixel 3 phone, with Instagram friendly moments littered around the space. For instance, The Laundrette, a Millennial’s pastel pink heaven showcases the Google Lens feature – an image-recognition tool that identifies objects such as trainers, and then produces a corresponding list of shoppable items.

Meanwhile, the ‘All-In Auto Wash’ highlights a wide lens created to perfectly capture selfies without the need of a selfie stick.

The space also features a slide, a Vogue photo booth and festive grotto, all with the purpose of capturing sharable social content. All of this alongside a comparatively small selling space including Google products like the Google Home and Google Chromecast.

The experiential event arsenal itself is enormous; brands can collaborate with likeminded thinkers, enable their audiences to indulge in a full sensory journey, create new and exciting architectural direction, design key sharable moments and even weave narrative into bigger ideas that live beyond experience.

The Google Pixel ‘Curiosity Rooms’ certainly ticked many boxes, especially the Instagrammable aspect – with many of the rooms optimised for snapping the perfect Instagram content.

The set up was successful in placing the product at the forefront of the consumer’s mind and the collaborations which saw the product being used to enhance content worked well. However, it could be argued that the pop-up element of some of the space meant that the audience missed opportunity to really immerse in the brand story.

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