Climate change has now
become something that we
can’t afford to ignore,
so we have implemented
a green policy that will
not only reduce our
environmental foot print
but will help us to
educate our clients about
the benefits of working in
an eco-friendly way.
Each & every day we
aim to have a positive
& consistent impact
on our environment.
We are responsible
both as a business
& as individuals for
making this happen.
The impact the design
industry has on the
planet is undeniable;
we, as a company,
want to do everything
we can to try and
offset these effects.
The average British
office worker prints
22 pages every working day
Behavioural research
suggests that 44% of this is easily avoidable.
1 tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper
1 tonne of 50%
recycled paper saves 12 trees.